Our pets. Be they scaly, furry, or feathery, we love them. At the moment, I just have fish and shrimp to greet me when I come home, so nothing I can cuddle or pet, unfortunately, but even so, I love saying hello to them. They’re great to watch, and it’s nice to just have other beings in the house, regardless of their uncudliness. On the other hand, when I go home to visit my parents’ place, I have my cat there who greets me in the driveway and who sleeps up on my shoulder. Either way, I have a special connection with all these adorable little creatures.

And I think that’s true of almost everyone who has pets. And it’s not even exclusively our own pets that we love, it is? It’s other people’s pets, too. And it’s just as likely to be Internet-famous animals than it is to be those of our friends’ or family. In fact, maybe even moreso, because the Inst-animals have never chewed through your favourite pair of shoes or peed on your rug. And the same can be said for pets that are on tv or in your favourite movies. And actually that’s what I want to talk about on this blog.

Get ready for a fun blog about animal sidekicks and your favourite fictional characters’ pets. Some will be iconic, some will be a little more obscure, but all will be fun! Some of them will be live action, that is, I’ll get to talk about the pet in the story as well as the real animal who plays the pet on screen. And that in itself is a weird thing to consider, isn’t it, that animals can kind of be considered actors. In a way. Well, not by everyone.

Apparently Kelsey Grammar, who played Frasier on the sitcom Frasier, was driven mad when people called the dog an actor, or said that they were impressed by the dog’s acting. He was of the mind (and I must admit, I think I’d have to agree with him here) that it’s just a dog, doing what it was trained to do, and not in any way on par with actual actors. In fact, story goes that to actually get the dog to nuzzle affectionately, you’d have to smear some sort of spreadable meat behind your ear. All that said, I imagine that there are a few actors out there who would work more enthusiastically if they were bribed with food.

So, some will be live action, and some won’t, to start, at least, and then I’ll have to figure out which I like doing best and I’ll take into consideration requests to start a conversation about a certain famous pet. Because that’s what blogs are, just places to start conversations about things, really. So don’t let me be the only one talking! Be sure to comment and engage and connect with your fellow readers, and feel free to send me a message to suggest a conversation you’d like to start!