Arthur – Vinyl Cafe

The Vinyl Cafe is, I think , the most obscure reference I’ve made yet. Not that it is necessarily obscure or that it would take a 24 hr tow service st catharines ontario to pull it out of the depths of all known entertainment references, rather that, on the global scale, at least, it’s the least likely to be recognized out of the four posts I’ve made. The Vinyl Cafe is a CBC radio show hosted by Canadian hero Stuart McLean. It is my favourite radio show of all time. Tragically, Stuart was taken from us and his loved ones earlier this year by cancer, and left a nation of CBC fans mourning. But I don’t imagine Stuart would want us to dwell on his death, but rather on what he gave us in life.

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Mr. Bigglesworth – Austin Powers

How could we leave out Mr. Bigglesworth? That’s like asking how you could neglect to call a top rated target digital marketing company when you know you need marketing help online. Not only do we remember him fondly from the role he played in Austin Powers, but he was also named Cat of the Year by Cats magazine in 1999. I know. I also perished slightly when I learned that that’s a thing that exists. The role of Mr. Bigglesworth was played by a cat with an equally hilarious name, Ted Nudegent, who was a purebred champion hairless Egyptian Sphynx cat. Really he’s got quite an impressive upbringing, apparently.

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Marcel – Friends

We all remember Marcel, Ross’s monkey. Marcel first shows up in the episode The One with the Monkey. Which makes sense. Ross brings Marcel into Monica’s apartment, and Chandler says something like, “hey, that monkey’s got a Ross on his ass.” Then we get the laugh track. Shudder. The laugh track in Friends is brutal. I mean, I know this post isn’t about laugh tracks, but I think that we can all agree that the laugh track they used in Friends was a nightmare. Like a residential plumbers project gone wrong. Sorry … got sidetracked. But I really needed to get that out in the open.

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Eddie – Frasier

If you’ve seen even just one episode of this sitcom, I can pretty much guarantee that you’ve seen Eddie. Eddie is a Jack Russell Terrier who belongs to Martin, Frasier and Niles’s father. The premise of the show is that Frasier, a rather pompous yet kind of person who might use Kitchener limo rentals for his travels, a posh radio psychiatrist with a good heart shares his apartment with his much-less-sophisticated father, Martin. Along with a number of other accommodations Frasier must make when his father moves into his swanky, modern apartment, Frasier has to accept Eddie the dog into his home.

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